"...pray to your Father who is in the secret place; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly." – Matthew 6:6

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Blessing and Multiplication

“Abraham was one man until God blessed him, then he became a great nation.”  Isaiah 51:2

There is a pattern in scripture that I see over and over again.  God takes something small, He blesses it, and then the miracle of multiplication occurs!  

Abraham was one man… a regular guy just like you and me… that is until the Lord blessed him.  When the blessing was spoken over his life, he multiplied into a great nation of people!  Jesus took a few loaves and fish and blessed them.  After the blessing was decreed, they were multiplied so that this small amount of food was able to feed over 10,000 people, and there were even lots of leftovers!  

You might look at your resources and think, “it’s not enough; it’s too small.”  But let me encourage you, my friend.  Your “small,” when blessed by the Lord, multiplies into more than enough!  God can multiply your effectiveness, your business, your influence, your prayers, your finances, and so much more.  

The widow who needed more food to survive didn’t need more food as much as she needed what food she had to be blessed!  When she put God first—by giving some food to the prophet first—there was a blessing of multiplication put on what little she had and it became more than enough!

There is a pathway of blessing and multiplication in your future!  

—Pastor Kevin

Prayer:  “Father, I ask you to bless me indeed!  Bless me richly!  I walk humbly before you… give me ears to hear your voice and a heart to obey.  I choose to walk obediently to your word today. I speak blessing over my home, family, church, finances, and my future. Amen!”  

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