The Vision

Acts 13:44 is the heartbeat of the vision at Mount Hope Church— it speaks of the day that almost the whole city gathered to hear the Word of the Lord. God has called us to do something big! Imagine the entire city of Lansing believing and coming to Christ, experiencing His loving and healing power. We hope to see this one day and we aim to create this atmosphere through engaging worship, life-changing messages, community outreach, prayer 24/7, leadership and ministry training that equips people to become carriers of hope.


Set your eyes on the vision for 2017

  1. Mount Hope Church becomes increasingly irresistible to the presence of God
  2. A year of taking territory, being fruitful, and experiencing rapid growth
  3. Continued experience of God’s presence in the Sunday services and the Wednesday prayer gathering
  4. Outpouring of the Holy Spirit: love, miracles, healings, and the captive being set free
  5. Consistently show deep love to our neighbors
  6. Saturate Lansing with hope—more people than ever coming to know Jesus and being water baptized
  7. Launch Disciple One internship and Next Level leadership and
    ministry school
  8. Serve our community with love and excellence
  9. Everyone gets activated to serve this year—no spare parts in the body of Christ
  10. Everyone gives to Missions, advancing the Gospel around the world
Download 2017 Vision Card

Our Mission

Our mission comes from Ephesians 4:16 where it describes God’s design for the local church: “He makes the whole body fit together perfectly. As each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole body is healthy, growing, and full of love.” Our mission is to make disciples! We partner with the Holy Spirit to make followers of Jesus that are healthy, growing, and full of love.


As a Mount Hope member, you are not simply attending church, you are actively participating in the life of the local church. God designed us to be together so the whole body is healthy, growing, and full of love!”