Church, thank you! In 2019, as a church family, we gave nearly 1.7 million dollars to local and foreign missions—that includes support for 329 missionaries in 122 countries working in previously unreached areas.

We gave BIG:

  • 21k to Arabic Broadcasting Network, a ministry broadcasting the gospel to Muslims.
  • 50k to New Directions, a prison ministry based here in Lansing.
  • 250k to Strategic Global Missions, to give scholarships to pastors internationally, intercity church planting, and intercity street ministry in Flint, Pontiac, and Detroit.
  • 30k to the House of Promise to invest in rehabilitating survivors of sex trafficking.
  • 50k to Cai Alpha University Ministry internationally to reach college students in Spain, Italy, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and more.
  • 40k to Cai Alpha University Ministry here in Michigan ministering to Michigan State University, Central Michigan University, University of Michigan, Wayne State University, Eastern Michigan University and more.
  • 20k to into the boots on the ground local outreach projects through our Saturday Serve and Into the Streets Ministries.
  • 20k to Courage Church, a Mount Hope Church partner that ministers to the people of Detroit
  • 40k to build a school in Gaza through one of our Mount Hope missionaries.
  • 150k to Speed the Light’s to drill wells in Africa through students, leaders, and matching.
  • 25k to Live Dead Ministries, partnered with our missionaries to plant churches in Egypt
  • 40k to serve foster kids through Bethany Christian Services
  • 30k to Saint Vincent’s Foster care

In addition to the 1.7 million we gave to missions, through matching and partnerships we were able to accomplish:

  • 1/2 a million dollars worth of bibles and teaching materials given to underground pastors in Northern Sudan
  • 5.4 million dollars worth of personal medical debt was eliminated in Ingham County. Over 5,400 families woke up to a letter saying their debts have been paid in full because Jesus paid their debts.
  • 29 girls that were registered by the FBI as missing, were found and rescued on the streets of Las Vegas out of sex trafficking
  • We responded to hurricanes in the Bahamas, Tornadoes in mid-America and devastating earthquake’s in Indonesia
  • Our children’s ministry partnered with local missionaries and built a community center in the jungles of Cambodia.
  • We sent short term teams around the world to West Virginia, Guatemala, Thailand, India, Peru, Israel, Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Bhutan, New Zealand and Nepal.
  • During our Bless the City outreach, we ministered to our city with practical love and care. We gave 100’s of diapers, baby food, and needed assistance to moms in need, and we gave 1000’s of pounds of food to City Rescue Mission.
  • Every Saturday and Wednesday we have gone out to be Jesus’s hands and feet to our community. We’ve raked leaves, delivered groceries, painted houses, housed the homeless, fed the hungry and proclaimed Jesus to our neighbors.

Mount hope, God does not need our money but he asks for our obedience. As we look back at 2019 I thank you for your obedience.


If you want to give towards our current projects, you can do so by clicking here.