When you gave your life to Christ, you started a journey. It’s my desire that this book will be a simple, yet powerful tool to guide you on your spiritual adventure of getting to know your heavenly Father. It’s a journey that will change the rest of your life!

You’re going to discover
• That you’ve been invited to friendship with God… seriously!
• The secret power of abiding prayer
• The treasure of God’s Word
• Why the church is a big deal to God and to you
• That there’s an anointing on your story



About the book:

Hope is one of the great intangibles in life. You know when you have it, and you know when you don’t. You can see when a family, business, or a team has hope. And you can tell when they don’t.

Hope is for the person whose life has been derailed from their destiny. It’s for the person who has had a loved one leave this life too early. It’s for the single parent, the stressed-out business executive, the overwhelmed, overworked, and the overlooked.
What if every day of your life could be filled with hope?

There is good news for you today! Hope is the difference-maker, the game-changer for every person. Through the pages of this book I’m going to pour some hope into you. Wherever you are at today, be encouraged—there is hope for you in Jesus Christ!

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